Stable hydrogels from nanofibrillated cellulose

Stabilni hidrogeli iz nanofibrilirane celuloze

  • Jaka Levanič
  • Ida Poljanšek
  • Primož Oven
Keywords: nanocellulose, nanofibrillated cellulose, nanocellulose hydrogels, hydrogels, biomaterials, biopolymers


Nanocellulose hydrogels are amongst the most promising materials with a high added value that can be obtained from cellulose sources. In this manuscript we present different paths to obtaining nanocellulose based hydrogels as well as their use and safety. In the future, nanocellulosic materials will be one of the leading products that stems from the forestry and wood products sectors due to its high added value and potential to replace a number of synthetic materials.

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Levanič, J., Poljanšek, I., & Oven, P. (2019). Stable hydrogels from nanofibrillated cellulose. Les/Wood, 68(2), 59-68.