Uporaba naravnih olj za površinsko zaščito lesa navadne bukve

Usage of natural oils for surface protection of common beech wood

  • Jure Žigon
  • Ajda Pogorelčnik
  • Marko Petrič
  • Matjaž Pavlič
Keywords: Fagus sylvatica, natural drying oils, properties, tensiometer, wettability


Different natural drying oils were used for surface finishing of common beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.). Surface performances and properties of the oiled surfaces were investigated according to the standard tests. Drying time, colour and gloss changes, uptake of oils into wood and uptake of liquid water into oiled wood, were determined, and the wettability of oiled wood surfaces was investigated by determination of the apparent contact angles of water. The results of the standard resistance tests showed that tung oil, the commercial decking and linseed oil had the best water repellent and protective properties. Worse properties were determined for those surfaces finished with walnut, hemp and coconut oils.

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Žigon, J., Pogorelčnik, A., Petrič, M., & Pavlič, M. (2017). Uporaba naravnih olj za površinsko zaščito lesa navadne bukve. Les/Wood, 66(2), 37-46. https://doi.org/10.26614/les-wood.2017.v66n02a04